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This guy made me smile in the wee hours of this morning….

Doing it all in last night’s 19 inning Phils marathon win, WV became the first player since Babe friggin’ Ruth to start a game as an infielder and leave the game as the winning pitcher.  Any time you are the first player to accomplish something since the Babe, you should be proud.  And there he is, above, moving his gear into the bullpen, presumably to replace….

F*#kin Blanton

…this fat schlub. who makes $8.5MM this year (2011) to compete against the putrid fifth starters of most teams in a watered-down MLB.  Fat Joe currently has the exact same number of victories (1) as WV, a utility infielder who before this morning, had never pitched in his entire professional baseball career, including the minor leagues.

Oh Joe Blanton.  I watched you hit a home run in the world series from pretty good seats on a drizzly night at CBP.  So there is that.  But really, other than that CBP-special and perhaps a few other outings in which you performed, well, let’s just say ”better than expected,” your tenure in Philly has primarily coaxed little else but foul language from my mouth every time you take the mound.  So much so, in fact, that my wife is pretty sure your first name is “F*#kin’.”


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