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I Thought Virginia Was For Lovers…

In increasing frequency, I am unfortunately reminded that our world is populated with an element of society that represents everything that is wrong with humanity.

The latest was this clip I happened upon when I was looking for Jimmy Kimmel’s classic bit where parents tell their kids that they ate all of the Halloween candy.

OOOPS. My bad. I suppose I need to pay closer attention when clicking a link. I can never un-watch that clip, and I am now more unsettled about having an infant daughter who will inevitably reap the bitter and unjust rewards of inheriting a planet rife with miscreants like the Black family in Craigsville, Virginia.

(Note to self…check with Alanis Morissette whether the family surname “Black” is, in fact, ironic in the context of that horrific story).

This year has certainly been a bonanza for this type of behavior and ignorance. Among the carnage of far too many (and even one of these is too many) school and public massacres, the hopelessness created by extremist factions and monetary influence in politics, and pretty much everything Kardashian…I came across these other gems (gem #1    gem #2). You just can’t make this stuff up, and unfortunately, these people procreate.

Sorry to cast a negative pall over your otherwise beautiful November Hump Day.

Hope you all are doing well.

As always, thanks for reading.


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Happy Halloween

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and safe night of candy, costumes and community.

Happy Halloween to everyone outside of New Jersey. For those in the flooded Garden State, feel free to open this on Friday, when you are permitted to celebrate. Actually, due to conditions, you likely won’t be able to read this until then anyway (too soon?)

Seriously, though…I do hope all of you along Sandy’s devastating path are safe, along with your families, friends, pets and homes, and I send my thoughts and best wishes for a quick and easy return to normalcy, whatever that might mean.

And just think…next Halloween, I will likely be dressed up as a dad!

Peace, love and warm regards to you all,


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