Crimson, White and Indigo…….

Happy Flag Day Everyone.  Here are some of the greatest flags (and images of flags), IMO, of course:

Betsy Ross presenting her masterpiece to George, Thomas and Benjamin

Planting Old Glory on Iwo Jima

got some dust upon [his] shoes…”]

One Love for Jamaica’s flag, mon…especially this one (RIP RNM)






Hatikva – the beautiful Israeli flag, simple two-tone majesty, symbolizing strength against all odds.  The photos above seem to capture the tortured history of the people the flag represents, enduring and longing for peace.

Ah, the Stratego Flag, how thou distracted me from anything productive at times throughout my youth

At least the outdoor version of Capture the Flag allowed us to commune with nature while frittering away the hours

And then there are the Freak Flags, ushered in by the freewheeling, revolutionary hippies of the 1960s – Even Neil almost cut his once upon a time…

Not sure Betsy Ross had this in mind back in the day….but I’m also not sure she didn’t

The post-911 patriotism across the USA evoked Francis Scott Key’s mindset when he penned his opus – chilling to say the least

But for my money, there are few images more powerful than Old Glory being hoisted above all other flags to symbolize victory in the Olympic games, which is accompanied by our national anthem as the winning and losing athlete(s) stand at attention and marvel at the moment.  The above shot of the medal ceremony in Lake Placid, NY in 1980, after the USA Hockey team shocked the USSR (and the world), may be the single greatest awe-inspiring moment featuring the American flag to occur in my lifetime.

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